Aussie Dog Home Alone Dog Toy – Mini


Aussie Dog,Blue, Home Alone Toy, Junior Size: Suitable for dogs in the Under 5kg weight range. This includes; light framed dogs such as Chiwawa’s. This Home Alone toy from Aussie Dog has been developed to entertain smaller dogs whilst at home. It’s a hanging bungee ball toy that prevents boredom, barking, separation anxiety and the destruction of your home. The toy is made up of a sturdy plastic ball with an internal rattle and a durable loop for pulling. This is mounted to a thick rope and bungee strap that springs back when pulled and released. Hang up the Home Alone in a sturdy/safe place (tree branch, beam, pergola, washing line etc.) Place dry food in the ball, which will rattle around and be dispensed during play (optional). Dog will play tug of war with the toy and as he releases it will spring up and encourage more play.

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