Buster Canvas Activity Snuffle Mat Starter Kit Interactive Dog Toy with 3 Activities Included


The Buster Canvas Activity Snuffle Mat is an interactive play mat for dogs, and this starter kit comes with 3 different treat-hiding activities and a storage/travel bag.

Other activities for the Buster Snuffle Mat sold separately.


Interactive dog play mat with 3 different activities designed to improve intelligence
Envelope, Water Lily, and Cone Cloth treat-hiding tasks that attach to the mat
Mat features snap buttons 35cm apart to keep activities in place
Can be used with multiple tasks at once and activities vary in difficulty
Includes a travel/storage bag
Durable nylon material
Recommended by dog psychologists
Set Includes: Buster Activity Snuffle Mat, 3 Activities (Envelope, Water Lily, and Cone Cloth), 1 Travel/Storage Bag

Mat Dimensions: Approx. 68.7cm (length) x 48.3cm (width)

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