KONG Wobbler Treat Toy


Kong Wobbler For Dogs – Large is a Fun and Exciting Toy Ideal For Placing Treats Inside For Active Play and Mental Stimulation
KONG-shaped food dispensing toy and feeder that sits upright until pushed with a dog’s paw or nose, then dispenses treats as it wobbles, spins and rolls
The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned Wobbler users
Use the Wobbler as an alternative to a dog bowl and to help extend mealtime and exercise your dog
Recommended for

Dogs more than 12 kg in body weight

Height: 17.5cm
Widest Point: 12 cm
Thinnest Point: 7.5cm
Treat Dispensing Hole: approx. 2 cm diameter
Toy Selection

Only choose toys for your dog that are larger than the dog’s mouth
Choose a size that allows them to get their mouth around the toy
Get to know your dog’s holding/gripping strength and play style before selecting toys
If used correctly, this toy is durable and strong


This is an interactive toy to use with your dog – it is not a chew toy
Supervise your dog’s use of this toy – do not leave the toy available for the dog to destroy or eat the toy
Frequently inspect the toy and remove the toy from the dog if it damages the toy or tries to swallow pieces of it – replace the toy if it is worn or damaged
Unfortunately, no dog toy is indestructible – if your dog can quickly and easily damage a toy, then the toy is not suited to your dog’s play style, and a different toy should be provided for your dog
If you have a multiple dog home, take extra care to keep large dogs away from smaller toys

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